Alexis Millar


I studied diplomas in therapeutic massage, anatomy and physiology and then aromatherapy, qualifying in 1999. I am also a qualified Massage and Cancer Practitioner (Diploma 2011) and Medical Acupuncturist (2015). I have helped with the administration side of a special needs school for severely disabled children to young adult school as well as having my own practice in Sidcup. I moved to Tunbridge Wells where I work within the physio team of a local hospital (since 2007) with a variety of inpatients and out patients. I treat many people with chronic pain and immobility, those recovering from surgery (including scar tissue massage) as well as marathon runners, athletes and dancers. I am passionate for the wellbeing of others and I learn so much from every person I treat.

My treatments involve a concise case history of your medical or skin conditions, a body examination followed by a specific therapeutic massage with a massage pressure suitable for you and post massage postural advice.  Overall, I endeavour to offer treatments that provide you with what you want and work together to ensure that you treatment is just right. Like every treatment, it is as individual as you are.

I trained for 3 years in osteopathy in the 1980’s at the British School of Osteopathy in Trafalgar Square, London.I was born in 1968, have two daughters and live just outside Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Conditions Treated

  • Shoulder, Back and Neck Pain, Post operative/injury massage – Stroke aftercare massage – Relaxation – Disability massage
  • Pre-op preparation massage – Arthritis – MS – Fibromyalgia massage – Chronic Fatigue – ME
  • Cancer Care Massage Practitioner
  • Babies and Children Massage
  • Aromatherapist
  • Medical Acupuncture


For further information or to make a booking please feel free to contact me 

 Telephone 07769 809270



My Massage is suitable for both adults and children.
Gift vouchers available.